Every company has to get their hands-on game changing technologies to lead in the market. It’s not just off-the-shelf products but innovation by working with partners and creating new market standards that transforms any company into a truly leading company in all senses. CSSI is thankful to have worked with businesses across multiple disciplines and made their digital transformation possible.



Spanning traditional IT methods to modern slick operational models, technology has come a long way in the way it is served, accessed and measured. CSSI’s dedicated research and development wing ensures everything is cutting edge, including the small nuts and bolts that go into a software product.

One of the mainstays in CSSI’s success story is its endeavor to develop code and controls that can be reused in other applications and multiple projects. Thanks to the R&D team, these controls are built to be compatible with multiple environments, making them bug-free.

Development Lifecyle


Being Microsoft partners, our core languages revolve around ASP.NET MVC and SQL in most projects. Our web based and mobility supporting projects demand liberal use of JQuery, JavaScript and JQuery Mobile.


We’ve developed our Analytics tool to support our overall application-integration services. Our client partners benefit from data visualizing, which accelerates data-conversion projects as well.

Horizon Components

CSSI built a library of reusable components that make it easy to implement dashboards, charts, reports, document management, work flows, complex business rules, integration services, and more. They are the back bone on which we deploy projects.

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A proprietary project-management solution based on the CRM framework that accelerates our productivity. We continue to enhance it with robust functionality to make it a comprehensive ERP application.

CSSI uses the CMMI model for Development to increase the maturity of processes by periodically evaluating performance, deciding how we can improve our processes and making process changes to increase efficiency. CSSI uses a hybrid of Agile and Waterfall Methodologies to give our customers highly functional technology in an accelerated time frame.



With changes in regulations from the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), correct documentation of patient care and other patient information has to maintain compliance. As the industry leader in the medical rehabilitation industry, UDS formed a partnership with Computer Solutions and Software International (CSSI) to create a clinical documentation system for inpatient rehabilitation. See how this system revolutionized patient documentation.

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CSSI works on different classes of applications with a variety of delivery models that give space for people with a variety of skill sets.

Why CSSI cloudbased icon


  • On-demand cloud platform for n-tier applications on Microsoft technologies
  • Tier-IV datacenter, SSAE 16 SOC1 Type 2 and AT101 SOC 2 Type 2 compliance
  • With built-in infrastructure, CSSI integrates custom frameworks and architectures
  • With 98% uptime, CSSI helps clients reduce operational cost & IT needs with improved business processing, enabling business growth
  • Secure cloud-based backup of data and web applications including mobile access with any device, anywhere connectivity

Why CSSI on-premise


  • On-Premises servers are structured with virtualization on Microsoft technologies
  • CSSI helps clients with software/hardware installation and provides experienced IT staff for implementations and configurations
  • 24/7 run time, easy to scale compliance, SLAs, and secured IT assets
  • CSSI improves productivity through controlled business processes, file management, straight-thru processing, technology with point-in-process collaboration, and enhanced security