Corporate life incorporates one of the most often-discussed topics in human resources: Work–Life balance. People frequently debate what should be done and what shouldn’t be done to ensure harmony in the work place. Striving to provide the best possible work culture, we blended “life” as an integral part of work. We realize that it’s not just technology that keeps evolving; it’s also the people who work on those technologies that change in their demands and aspirations. We’ve set up internal committees to define new programs to respond to the ever-changing needs of our employees while retaining fun as a key element. This process has served us well and we continue to walk that path.


At CSSI, we take a 360° view to ensure our employees’ well-being. We understand that the right mix between fun and work brings forth the best from everyone. It is this celebration of work and play that helps us in creating a vibrant environment for all our associates to grow with a positive spirit.

Our celebration of SPARK continues! This Annual Company Event, founded by CSSI, inspires a values-driven workplace of engagement and growth. SPARK fosters a meaningful business culture, promotes cohesion and awards achievements. SPARK is an engaging experience to meet and connect, collaborate and participate through various cultural activities and events. We dance the night away with great entertainment and enjoy an unforgettable experience in a stylish atmosphere with lavish food.

A dedicated Annual Event at CSSI, Ahmedabad celebrates the success of CSSI employees. After igniting the inaugural lamp, the VIBES evening takes off; employees explore and participate in Cultural Events, a Fashion Ramp Walk, Bollywood Dialogues, Awards, Recognition’s and Future Opportunities with CSSI. The spirit of celebration continues with creativity, enthusiasm and spontaneous applause, fueled with food and winding up to groove with the beats.


We encourage sports and like the rest of the people in this cricket-crazy country, we love cricket and actively conduct and take part in internal and external corporate tournaments. We believe sports can develop team spirit in individuals and every company needs that team spirit to build strong and productive teams. RACE (Recreation for All CSSI Employees) is our annual sports event, conducted as part of our Annual Day.


Throughout the year, CSSI hosts festival celebrations of Diwali, Ramzaan and Christmas, honoring them with spirited cultural programs.

FACE (Fun at CSSI Environment)

FACE is a weekly activity at CSSI to develop an enjoyable workplace and engage employees with fun activities. Mix & Mingle Team Games, Coding Contests, Arts Magic, Cultural Events, Fridays Favorites, International Women’s Day and Healthy Snacks bring the busy week to closure with fun and light-heartedness.