What Our Employees Are Saying

“Since joining CSSI in 2009, I have had many opportunities to develop my functional and managerial skills and domain knowledge. CSSI has enabled me to greatly boost my career with a diverse range of exciting and challenging projects. At CSSI, there are no limitations on growth and I’ve always been encouraged to stretch myself, improve my knowledge and develop new skills. At CSSI each day is different, for me, it is this diversity that makes working at CSSI enjoyable. CSSI is people focused and this remains strong throughout the company’s growth and development. We are currently experiencing rapid growth and exciting new global initiatives. This is an exciting time to be working at CSSI and I look forward to the opportunities and challenges that come with the expansion of the business. I’m looking forward to my future at the company and I believe CSSI is an excellent organization with which to build a career”.

Suman T, Engineering Manager

“A well-defined software company with an ethical work culture and employee empowerment, CSSI adopts a systematic approach to project delivery and client relationship. The organization provides learning tools, strategies and industry experiences and articulates professionalism. Stephen Bruno’s philosophy that “the company grows when an employee grows” is put into practice at CSSI.”

Ram Pradeep, Sr. Project Manager

“Words cannot express how fortunate I feel to work at CSSI. In my 6 years of tenure, I have worked in different positions and lines of business and I am currently at the UX Manager level. It has been an amazing experience where I was showered with learning curves, great compensation, on-site opportunities and well-earned promotions. Overall, thanks a lot to CSSI.”

Punitha, Manager – UX Design

“CSSI is a corporation that encourages personal and professional development. It is inspiring to work for a company that encourages your growth. I truly appreciate the support given by senior staff and colleagues and the tools that allows us to create advanced technologies. Innovation challenges encourage me to learn and enhance my technical and collaboration skills with the team and generate new ideas that enhance my scope of learning daily.”

Archana G, Team Lead

“At CSSI, every day is a new day! The company always have something new happening—training sessions, festivals, team outings, cultural events, health check-ups—the list is endless. CSSI is the fastest growing software firm with B2B insurance solutions and technology products and I am happy to be a part of this progressive organization.”

Aparna, Sr. Team Lead (SQL)

“Professional atmosphere defines CSSI—The People and The Work. CSSI has its own corporate persona that encompasses its ethics, values and business strategy. At CSSI, integrity and innovations are key objectives that align with corporate governance. Rewards are given equally with onsite opportunities, offshore recognitions, learning curves, professional development and compensation benefits. With 25+ years of experience in the technology industry, it is a leader that stands out from other organizations.”

Ravi Shankar, Project Engineer

“I was surprised when CSSI rewarded me as “Employee of the Month.” I felt proud and encouraged as a next-level employee. CSSI has a great ability to examine the potential and productivity of an employee and put them in a place to succeed. I always get learning opportunities and challenges that are quite impressive. With adequate mentorship from managers and leads, I`m growing at CSSI and vice versa: CSSI is supporting us in every aspect of the job.”

Malleshwari, Project Engineer

“With an embracing work culture at CSSI, we proudly say “our sun rises twice a day.” From East to West or West to East, we are a Family. CSSI adopts business challenges and technology-driven concepts and delivers projects on time. Working with such an innovative company with long-term stability has endless rewards. I thank CSSI for this employee’s growth.”

Sriram Narisetti, Project Manager

“CSSI is a good place to start a career; each employee is bestowed with mentorship, training sessions and industry knowledge. Refreshingly, it’s a temple of learning and exploring opportunities including work–life balance, employee benefits, salary enhancements and fun activities.”

Sirish V, Sr. Project Engineer