CSSI has been a leading software development company for more than 26 years. Like many corporations that believe in social responsibility, CSSI thinks it is important to give back to society, particularly in local areas where we live and work. We have initiated and continue to explore several programs where we can make a difference.

Our first initiative “CSSI Care,” started relatively small with big aspirations. The CSSI Care Team is interested in helping various segments of society, but our main focus is on helping needy children (orphanages), elders (old age homes) and those with physical/mental challenges and creating social awareness of health and the environment.

So far, we’ve worked on humanitarian projects such as “Project Dwarakamayee,” started to assist Hudhud cyclone victims by providing them with warm blankets.

Our “Project Street Samaritan” also provides blankets for those living on the streets in the winter. We also propagated the importance of education through our “School Distribution Kit” program, distributing school kits to needy children at the beginning of the school year that include school bags and school supplies (books, pencils, etc.)

Another of our innovative projects that was well received by the business community and local residents was our collaboration with Hyderabad Traffic Police to promote “Traffic Awareness.”

Other important projects that have impacted the lives of the less privileged are, “Skip a Meal and Feed the Poor”, “Free Drinking Water near our office premises” and “Orphanage Kids’ Picnic.” A major effort that is very close to our hearts is our blood drive where CSSI employees donate blood to our local hospital. We are very pleased that our efforts contributed to saving the life of a young girl who suffers from blood cancer.

CSSI follows the belief “to whom much is given, much will be required” and continues to strive by  making a positive impact on people in need and society.