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Started VUE Software in the year 2000, an insurance-specific technology platform

Delivered more than 200 successful large-scale IT projects to our customers

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With our 26 years of high technology experience, we are not the typical system integrator. For most IT projects, whether for integration work, application development, or just developing a software solution to a business problem, dozens or hundreds of SI’s can do the work. If the average SI can do it, it isn’t of much interest to us. Where we excel is in those projects that are incredibly difficult, have no obvious solution and require highly experienced IT professionals to design and then build the solution. Although “design-build” isn’t a new concept, our methodology, expertise, understanding of complex businesses and innate desire to tackle the impossible is what sets us apart. We are not your typical Systems Integrator or IT services firm. When they tell you that “it’s impossible to do that,” call us.

Our origins are as a software and applications development firm that, in our early days, worked primarily in the health insurance marketplace, developing custom applications that kept pace with the rapid changes that regularly occur in health insurance. With a highly proprietary infrastructure, health insurance companies couldn’t just bolt on a new application. Rather, they had a myriad of systems that required highly customized solutions and extremely difficult integrations.

Over time, we expanded into the life and annuities area as well as property and casualty, working with dozens of carriers and distributors who had very similar technology issues to the health insurance segment. Our expertise in insurance is not without note, as VUE Software – operating exclusively in insurance – is the market leader in insurance distribution. From our beginnings in insurance, we have successfully branched out into application development for non insurance related industries.


Several years ago, a large property and casualty brokerage came to us to see if we could solve a major problem they were having in managing the insurance contracts that tie to major construction projects. This firm was asking us to create a software application that could manage all the insurance premiums of all the contractors and subcontractors to ensure that all insurance coverages were in force for each subcontractor, as well as to manage the premium accounting for relevant insurance coverages and workers’ compensation insurance. The product called, Wrap-up, is now the leading insurance aggregation and financial-management tool on the market and we have some of the top insurance brokerages as clients.


With the advent of the Affordable Care Act, emphasis was on “insurance exchanges” that would facilitate the ability of insurance companies to offer various insurance plans on an Internet site and let prospective insureds shop the market for coverage. One aspect of the ACA allowed for the creation of private exchanges where insurance companies could offer coverage—primarily group health and accident as well as other voluntary coverage—to interested insurance agents and brokers working on behalf of their clients. Armed with only a business model, Aon-Hewitt came to us to manage the agent/broker compensation and compliance aspect of the private exchange Aon was developing. CSSI developed the compensation framework that currently handles more than 300 compensation plans.

Experience Auto Group

A major luxury-brand retailer of performance automobiles, Experience Auto Group, turned to CSSI to reinvent their customer-experience model into a multifaceted user-experience paradigm, but also to improve daily operations of an automobile dealership with locations from Ft. Lauderdale to Manhattan. With brands such as Ferrari, Volvo and Maserati, it is easy to see that Experience Auto needs state-of-the-art technology that incorporates an outstanding customer experience, but also delivers robust functionality to the business operations of Experience Auto Group. CSSI delivers insight ranging from customers’ buying behavior to employee performance, including any-device-any-time mobile access to track sales and service data. From the sales floor to the service bay and points between, CSSI’s custom architecture has revolutionized how Experience Auto Group does business.

Volscis Club Software

Despite thousands of golf courses and country clubs across the United States, only a handful are world class for golf, but equally exclusive for the entire member and guest experience. When CSSI was approached by the management of the top residential country club in the U.S. to create a software application that would ensure golf members and guests would have everything at their fingertips from clubhouse to fine dining, CSSI found ways to help members have a truly unique and exemplary experience. Imagine being able to use your smart phone to be able to do everything from setting a tee time to ordering food and beverages while on the course, or making last-minute dinner reservations while on the 12th tee. When beginning this engagement, CSSI looked at requirements from the member-guest point of view and designed a system that would deliver everything members and guests would want.

“We create solutions that people will be able to use, will want to use, will actually use, to compete, grow and win.”

Stephen Bruno
President and Chief Executive Officer






With more than 26 years of experience in designing, building and delivering complex software applications, we believe our team—a blend of on-shore and off-shore talent—will create the perfect solution for our client. We ensure that the final solution will be well documented and that knowledge transfer from CSSI to the client is paramount.


  • CSSI values the importance of open communication
  • We adhere to our promises and meet the deadlines
  • If something doesn’t work the way we said it would, we will fix it
  • We provide collaborative training for maximum output
  • We provide model office, help desk and user manuals
  • For additional long-term security, we offer support contracts that include software maintenance, enhancements and upgrades
  • With decades of domain knowledge, our subject-matter experts provide insightful information to enhance our customer relationships

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